Terms and Conditions

1. Terms

By using PlayZuba.com, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions of Use. Firstly, we'd just like to offer a friendly reminder that you are responsible for complying with any relevant laws and regulations that apply in your region. Also, all content and tools produced by us are protected by copyright and so can’t be used outside the terms and conditions stipulated here and elsewhere on PlayZuba.com

2. License of Use

You are free to use all the content on PlayZuba.com subject to making relevant payments for charged services and keeping to terms of use. Similarly, you are allowed to republish or share any of our content on other websites or across social media. We want our content to reach as many people as possible. In cases where some tips, games are free, or content generated by you - you can redistribute, republish and share to your heart's content - just always remember to link us.

3. Limitations

We encourage and promote the individual responsibility of our community members and users. With this philosophy in mind, we'd like to remind you that PlayZuba is not liable for any damages or losses suffered from the use of our content or the inability to use our content properly. We work hard to ensure that all the content found on PlayZuba.com is reliable, informative and helpful but it's a huge site and as such difficult to monitor absolutely everything especially content which is created by our users. It's a two way street and although we are confident our content is second to none, it is also dependent on its application. However, we are also confident you will use any content found on our site sensibly and responsibly.

4. Errors and Revisions

We might make an error. It could be a technical error, a typo, or even a photographic error. And yes, some of our content might even be out of date or incomplete. We will strive to ensure this doesn’t happen but it very occasionally will occur. The industry moves quickly and is perpetually changing. If you happen to come across anything on PlayZuba.com that you'd like to see updated or you feel is incomplete, let us know and we'll fix it up as soon as possible.

5. Links

PlayZuba.com has plenty of great content and we link to a lot of other sites too. While we might endorse the content we are directly linking to, that endorsement doesn't necessarily extend to the entire site or usage of the site. There could well be some content on any linked site that we don't agree with or perhaps even offends our principles. The web is a wild place. But we're sure you know that already.

6. Terms of Use Modifications

There may be times when we wish to update these terms and conditions. It's unlikely to happen often but as the internet and gaming industry are constantly evolving, there may be occasions when we need to make some changes.

7. Emails and mobile numbers

We like to keep our users and community members up to date with what's happening at PlayZuba.com. The best way for us to keep you informed of new or important information is often via email or your mobile number. You don't have to worry; your personal information is safe with us. We won't be passing it on to anyone else. Of course, if you no longer wish to receive any of our updates, you can tell us by unsubscribing from our mailing list via the link found on any of emails you receive or from your PlayZuba’s profile.

8. Betting Tips

When you post a tip on PlayZuba, it may be sold to our community who are interested in using the tips here on the website by betting on it or use it elsewhere. We are not responsible if the tips make it way beyond the number of people who bought it. We are doing everything possible to protect the information- but there is usually a limit to everything; right? Also your tip will remain on PlayZuba as part of the content of our site, even if you choose to close your account. And we have all right to use the information in manners we dim fit .Trust us; we will be responsible and fair.

9. BETTING ON PlayZuba

PlayZuba is not a betting website and therefore do not offer betting prices, markets etc. We only have developers who have built a bridge that allow our users to easily “tip” events without leaving PlayZuba.com. Our developers offer our users prices from top bookmakers so that one can access these events directly. Are you are developer? Write us an email to get started with our services.